Our Story

Our first trip to Guatemala was in 2007 where we were exposed to the needs of the indigenous people. The hard working, family loving people that we met stirred our hearts and gave us a desire to find further ways of assisting and supporting them. We also fell in love with the coffee. It was through discussions on how to raise money, that the idea of Tienes grano was conceived. Through the labour of research and education, Tienes grano was born.

Our family returned to Guatemala in 2009 & became regulars at Crossroads Cafe in Panajachel. We used the opportunity to talk with the owner/coffee artisan about what we would face in starting this business and about working alongside the people of Guatemala. The luggage home consisted of 400 pounds of green beans and the love affair with coffee deepened.
We've been ordering beans from a single farm in the Atitlan region since, and spent six weeks in Guatemala in 2013. We look forward to our next trip down!

Time had proven that we can have an impact on the people of Guatemala, that people love the coffee we provide and that running Tienes grano is great for our family. We are excited about where this is taking us and what the potential social impact can be. We are excited to share this with you, our fellow coffee lover!