Our Social Advantage

Over the past few years, Fair Trade has become increasingly popular as our culture has started to see its opportunity for positive impact through purchasing from third world countries. While Tienes grano believes in the concept of Fair Trade, we have become aware of its inability to assist the small farmer. The cost of certification is far too high for many small farms, making it impossible for them to participate in this program.

Direct trade, or in industry terms, farmgate coffee, means that we are buying directly from the farm. By working directly with the farm, we eliminate additional expenses and can give the farmer a better price for his beans. By being involved at that level, we also can encourage fair labour practices, and wise environmental choices, see opportunities for ‘hands up’ projects and partner with the farm to create the best opportunity for a successful future for both the farm and the community.

We consider it a privilege to work alongside Mario in Chacaya, Guatemala. He has approximately 25 regular employees and up to 250 pickers who work four to six months at harvest. He is trying to expand into the North American market though currently most of his product is going to the Asian markets. We look forward to continuing to find ways that we can partner together for the betterment of his country. Your wise purchase of this direct trade coffee means you are a part of his success.