Our Commitment

Comercio Justo Imports Association (CJIA) provides Tienes grano an opportunity to support ongoing social projects in Guatemala. Tienes grano is committed to returning a minimum of 20% of our profit to projects in the farming community and area. Projects like clean water, education, health and improving living standards are considered each year.

Comercio Justo Imports Association's (CJIA) mission is to serve and assist the indigenous peoples of Central America by purchasing their products at equitable prices, selling them in Canada and funding education, health and income generation projects.

CJIA has been a registered non-profit group since 2008 but started as a group several years prior to that. The board consists of six people, including Colin and Lynda as vice president and secretary.
Each member brings unique and valuable skills and experience to the board. Its board members are volunteers who donate their time and pay their own travel, lodging and meal expenses to events locally and on trips to Guatemala which allows more funds to be directed to social projects.

Tienes grano is proud to support this non-profit group. More information about CJIA can be found at their website: www.cjia.org.