Our Coffee

Tienes grano is proud to offer freshly roasted coffee beans from Guatemala. High elevation, rich volcanic soil, natural processing and traditional agricultural methods provide a high quality coffee that everyone can feel good about serving. Direct trade purchasing, great service and a firm commitment to helping those in need make the coffee even sweeter.

Currently Tienes grano purchases Arabica beans from a farm in Chacaya which is in the Lake Atitlan region of Guatemala and grows coffee at an elevation of over 5000 feet. The basic farming practices that are followed by this developing area results in naturally organic, shade grown, hand picked coffee beans.

In the future, Tienes grano intends to purchase beans from other farms throughout Guatemala and offer a variety of direct trade beans that each have unique characteristics and flavours. There are eight main coffee regions in Guatemala, each with its unique bean and social project opportunity. We look forward to sampling them all!